How does licensing work?

In call cases, each license is good for one learner. The leaner can return to the course for the lifetime of the course or service. Upon completion of the course, the learner will be awarded a certificate that they can print and place in their permanent file. Each learner will require a separate license.

How long does a license last?

Individual user licenses last for the duration of the service or the lifetime of the course, whichever comes first. During that time, a user may return and review any module or part of the course. 

Can I return later to redownload my certificate?

Yes, for as long as our service or course is available, your certificate will be available.

I've finished my course, can I share it with someone else?

No. Courses are intended for a single user. Once you've generated your certificate, it cannot be altered or applied to another user.

How do agency subscriptions work?

Each year, you will be provided with a number of licenses based on the size of the plan. These licenses are each good for one user. Once assigned and activated by that user, that license is permanently used. The following year, your plan will award you additional licenses that will be added to your pool of available licences. Unused licenses from previous years will roll over.

Additionally, licenses provided by Agency Subscriptions are significantly discounted versus those purchases individually. Larger plans offer greater discounts.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the size of my agency subscription?

Yes. Changes you make will come into affect in the following year upon the renewal of your plan. In the case of downgrading your plan, you will be awarded fewer licenses that you would have received had you stayed on your larger plan.