Check and see if you have flash installed.

Go to the following URL and click on the "Check Now" button or just click on the button below.

If you do not have adobe flash installed, please follow the directions on the page above or download and install the latest version of flash from Get Flash on the Adobe website.  If you need help or elevated privileges to install the latest version of Flash contact your organizations IT department to help get it set it up.

Once you have installed Flash Player, restart your browser, and return to the website to activate it on the page.

Use Click to Activate to Launch Flash.

When you try to launch the Flash plugin on a website for the first time, Firefox will block the plugin.  You will see a message prompting you to click to run the plugin. 

On some sites, you see the black rectangle above, on other sites you will see a plugin notification icon towards the left end of the browser address bar like in the image below. 

If you click on the message or on the notification icon, Firefox will prompt you with two options:

  • Allow - This option activate the plugin on the website, but only for a single visit.
  • Don't Allow - Dismisses the notification popup without activating the plugin.

When you click on the "Allow" option, Firefox will activate the plugin and load the missing content.  If the content does not load, you may need to click the reload button in the toolbar to reload the page and activate Flash Player.

You should only activate plugins on websites you can trust like 

For more information please visit these links on the Mozilla Firefox support site: